More Counter-Disinfo Tools to Come

10 December 2018
Sprint meeting

Kyiv, Dec 6, 2018. The ZeusElectroncs.eu Kyiv taskforce developing the FakesRadar.org counter-fake project took part in the brainstorming conducted by Jigsaw and Google experts.

The sprint session was focused on the planning of the next counter-disinfo solutions. The participants found a common language easily as they share passion for facts, good data management and usability. The problems were grouped in 9 areas ranging from the audio/video/image recognition to the ways to motivate good behavour of the social networks’ users. The FakesRadar project is grateful to all the organizers and participants of the sprint and is glad to invest its counter-disinfo technology and experience of at least two ideas discussed at the brainstorming. Stay tuned.