Europe's Most Experienced Startup Accelerator and Estonia's Ministry of Defence Invest In Ukraine's FakesRadar.org

26 March 2019

March 27, Tallinn. Ukrainian anti-fake service FakesRadar has received investment from the most experienced European accelerator StartupWiseGuys, which implements CyberNorth cyber security acceleration program together with the Ministry of Defense of Estonia.

FakesRadar Chrome extension detects fakes and returns facts. The service is based on the databases of the most professional and recognized fact-checking organizations, including EUvsDisinfo.eu, StopFake.org, VoxCheck and dozens of others.

The plagin marks fakes and posts quoting dubious sources on Facebook and Twitter. It also gives background information on the sources and helps users get debunking reports prepared by the fact-checkers. The users can earn achieves for detection of fakes and for helping their friends learn the facts. The achieves given to the users are based on the “Shevchenko’s Quantum Leap” artworks kindly provided to FakesRadar by Ukraine’s famous artist Oleksandr Grekhov.

"The belief in the readiness of the social networks to fight against fakes is nothing but clinical naivety, while the readiness to entrust this task to the states – is promotion of authoritarianism. Only academic independence, freedom of speech and civic action can create knowledge, spread facts and refute myths. This is exactly what FakesRadar is created for and I am grateful to every (wo)man helping to get this groundbreaking idea done." – says FakesRadar's CEO Dmytro Potekhin.

"FakesRadar is supported by Stanford CDDRL, Internews Network, a wide international community of coders from South Africa to North America and has just undergone a thorough independent security audit. I am happy that FakesRadar works with the cool CyberNorth team, Estonia's Defence Ministry and other NATO militaries now. The StartupWiseGuys valuates FakesRadar at 460000 Euros and this is a great start," – stated FakesRadar’s former CTO Oleksandr Pavlenko.

CyberNorth is the first defense AI and cybersecurity focused accelerator by Startup Wise Guys together with Estonian Defence Industry Association and Estonian Ministry of Defence. Startup Wise Guys accelerator is an intense, high energy, no BS, straightforward approach to coaching from some of the best practitioners. Stanford CDDRL bridges the worlds of scholarship, policy and practice to understand and advance the conditions for just, democratic, and sustainable development around the world. Internews empowers people worldwide with the trustworthy, high-quality news and information they need to make informed decisions, participate in their communities, and hold power to account.

FakesRadar Chrome Plugin can be downloaded from the Chrome market for free.