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Austria and Slovenia don't have common borders with Serbia.
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Every graduate will choose his own ring with his favourite symbol: bit.ly/1OcYyB5
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Soldiers from NATO countries are not influencing normal everyday life in Estonia.
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A number of representative national polls show that, while a large part of Belarussians support various forms of political and economic integration with Russia, only 2-5% of the population support the idea of becoming one state with Russia.
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Country: Russia
A tool in Russia's state propaganda machine.

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Source: Politnavigator.net
Russian producer of fakes on Ukraine and Russia.
2018-10-19 14:38:44
Poland blocks cargo transports from Ukraine to Europe
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Poland is not allowing Ukrainian cargo transports through its territory.
Source: Ukraina.ru
Russian propaganda internet project owned by the state agency Russia Today.
2018-10-31 00:20:56
Majority of Ukrainians do not believe Ukrainian authorities’ statements about Russian aggression
FactChecker: StopFake.org
2018-10-02 14:33:43
Ukraine planned to sell missile complexes to the main sponsor of ISIS
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This Week's Trend: CyberBerkut: Ukraine planned to sell missile complexes to the main sponsor of ISIS.

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