What is FakesRadar.org?

FakesRadar.org is a startup helping users exposed to disinformation learn facts, share fact-checked data and stay informed and protected from fakes.

What do you mean?

We are developing a communication technology describing fakes and facts, and using gamification to deliver facts where fakes had been shared.

Do you check facts?

No, facts are checked and debunked by independent fact-checking projects.

Is it secure?

Yes. We do not gather user information we do not need. We also conduct independent security audit of every our product. FakesRadar Chrome plugin was audited by the Radically Open Security.

What stage are you at?

We have released our first instrument - FakesRadar Chrome extension.

How is it going?

Our idea was successfully tested, we got a long list of what can be improved. The most important is that it is liked by users even in this early stage. We keep learning and improving our tools

What do you mean by “Facts”?

Data, which can be checked independently. Debunked fakes.

Is it a game?

No. There is an element of gamification. However, this is real data.

Do you mean your service can make no mistake?

Yes, we can. However, due to the two level verification – by the independent fact-checking services and by our team, the risk is low. If it happens, the mistake will be corrected and users will be informed.

Who is funding you?

We are funded by ourselves and our friends.

Why do you think your solution will work?

It is already working and users like it.

Who are your partners?

Our partners are Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), Startup Wise Guys, AmProgCo, Zeus Electronics and Rhize.

How can you make sure the fact-checkers working for you are providing quality data?

Fact-checkers are not working for us. They are working independently.

Why do people pay you?

They don’t. The basic service is and will be free. However, we expect that some will be ready to pay for extra services.

Is it a commercial service?

No, it is a non-for-profit service, but we are planning sales.

Well, I think FakesRadar is not ideal.

Surely it can be improved. We are upgrading our service daily and are always happy to learn what can be improved, so please feel free to contact@fakesradar.org with your critique.

So is it about technology or is it a kind of journalism?

Yes, it is a kind of information technology helping quality journalism. The thing is that good journalism is always fact-based.

What are your principles?

We are sharing principles of human rights, nonviolent action, fact-checking, transparency and accountability of content moderation.

How can I join the project?

Send your cooperation idea to contact@fakesradar.org - we are especially interested in content partnerships with recognized Fact-checkers, Universities, media organizations and non-fiction publishers.