Welcome to the Help section of the FakesRadar pilot service.

FakesRadar searches for potential disinformation links shared on Facebook & Twitter.

Monitoring occurs only while you are visiting your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

When it finds that an article or source has been covered by a reputable fact checker, it shows you additional context.

FakesRadar knows fakes and their major sources. We accept fact-checks from the recognized fact-checkers only.

Please contact us at contact@fakesradar.org if you found a debunked fake which is not known to FakesRadar yet.

To install FakesRadar Chrome plugin

1. Go to the FakesRadar's Chrome market page.

2. Press Add to Chrome button. FakesRadar is on. You are setup now! Happy action against disinformation!

To switch off/on FakesRadar Chrome plugin

1. Press FakesRadar Chrome plugin icon in the top right corner of Chrome;

2. Go to the Settings page and switch Facebook/Twitter off/on.

To test FakesRadar Chrome plugin

1. Navigate to the RT Facebook page and scroll down;

2. Yellow frames around posts there mean FakesRadar works.

To debunk a fake / source with FakesRadar Chrome plugin

1. Navigate to the Facebook account of your uncle and wait until he posts a fake or quotes a source of fakes;

2. Press Debunk and post/tweet. Thank you!

To uninstall FakesRadar Chrome plugin

1. Navigate to Chrome menu > More tools > Extensions;

2. Find the FakesRadar extension and press Remove button.

If you need more general information about our service, have a look at the FAQs section.

In the case you have some specific questions, feel free to contact our Support.

FakesRadar.org Team