Raptor DoubleMax: A Rundown of the Slot

Game designer Yggdrasil has used time travel technology to transport players to a “lost land before time” in which “creatures roam the earth, contesting for supremacy” in Raptor DoubleMax. To put it another way, Raptor DoubleMax is a game replete with dinosaur-era vegetation and animals. It’s also the kind of game with a free spins multiplier that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. There are also a handful of additional qualities that, individually, are welcome simplifications but, when put together, make something really explosive.

Raptor DoubleMax is a slot machine with 25 fixed paylines, played over 5 reels and 3 rows. A dark forest serves as the backdrop, with its unique, overgrown aesthetic lending an almost extraterrestrial feel to the proceedings. The glowing vegetation and the possibility that massive, terrifying animals lurk around every tree, waiting to attack unwary mammals, give the area an Avatar vibe. Despite the intense nature of the game, the soundtrack is surprisingly soothing, and the methodical manner in which symbols drop into the grid creates a calming effect.

To clarify, we mean that Raptor DoubleMax is not only advertised as a risky game, but is instead described as “Super High” by its developer. The bonus game’s double up multiplier may reach insane levels, but it requires some winding up. If not, it’s possible to experience the same amount of frustration while performing at a lesser level. The mathematical model also relies on a hit frequency of 30.5% and an RTP value of 96%, both of which are above average.

Raptor DoubleMax is a slot machine that can be played for as little as 20 cents up to as much as £/€60 per spin. Starting with J through A card values, players may advance through a series of four premium dinosaur symbols that range in value from 0.30 to 5x the wager for 5 of a kind. up addition, wild symbols show up at random intervals to fill up missing positions on win lines. Wilds play a pivotal role in the traits that mutually reinforce one another to produce striking outcomes.

Slot Machine with a Raging Raptor, the Double-Max, and All Its Features

Dropdown is a cascading technique in Raptor DoubleMax that is active at all times. It’s accompanied with a Golden Bet, free spins, a gamble during free spins, and a multiplier that doubles your win.

The Dropdown function works to clear the reels of all winning symbols after each win. The remaining slots are filled by fresh symbols that cascade down from above, and a wild sign suddenly appears in one of them. When a victory occurs via wildcards, all of the contributing symbols are discarded. If a new winning combination does not form, the cascade will stop. In addition, the win multiplier, which begins at x1, is doubled for each Dropdown victory. Between paid spins, the multiplier resets and is applied to any current win.

If you manage to get at least three scatters, you’ll enter the free spins round. Prior to beginning, players have the option of collecting their winnings or taking a risk to increase them by up to 13 free spins (unless they begin with 13). Keep in mind that if you lose the risk, you cannot recoup the free spins. In free spins, the win multiplier does not reset, but otherwise the rules are the same as the main game. Since it multiplies by two after each Dropdown, it is possible that it might grow to dinosaur dimensions.

There might be a few of ways for players to increase their chances of getting free spins. The Golden Bet is one such bonus feature that is purely discretionary. By increasing the bet by 25%, activating this feature doubles the probability of triggering free spins. If the option to buy the bonus outright is there, players can do so for 100 times their initial wager.

Slot Review: Raptor DoubleMax

Raptor DoubleMax has a lot to excite people who like risky, high-stakes games. It’s a sequel to Multifly in many respects, sharing that game’s visual style and emphasis on multipliers. However, Raptor DoubleMax is a whole new species, so its components mesh seamlessly to produce unforgettable experiences. Assuming all goes as planned, of course. It’s important to keep in mind that this is’super volatile,’ so at moments Raptor DoubleMax may feel like a brontosaurus has stepped on your foot.

To strike a better balance, fewer fixed paylines have been used in place of Multifly’s original 243. While the change may be lamented by some, it pairs well with Dropdowns and the new wilds included in the game. In addition, this clears the way for the game’s double multiplier, which is the main selling point of Raptor DoubleMax.

While we’re used to seeing progressive multipliers increase by a factor of one or perhaps a small amount more with each iteration, we’re not used to seeing them increase by two. This means that the action on Raptor DoubleMax may be spectacular, and that even a combination of three low-pay symbols can be worth a lot of money at higher bet levels. Fortunately, Raptor DoubleMax’s big multipliers come with a healthy payout possibility of up to 20,000 times the wager. Although Yggdrasil claims the “highest multipliers in the industry can be achieved,” the studio might have made a bigger splash with Raptor DoubleMax by going as nuts with the maximum win.

Raptor DoubleMax can be understated at times. It is not an effort to impress by the use of reel dynamic trickeries or other such gimmicks. If you happen to play Raptor DoubleMax on a lucky day, however, your multiplier will quadruple in a way that few other slot machines, if any, can equal.

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